Our dedicated warehousing solutions provide you with a flexible facility layout and design to meet the changing needs of your business. A dedicated facility provides the labor and equipment required to manage day-to-day operations, but also something more: a competitive advantage.

In order to deliver competitive advantage worldwide, we help model your facility layout and design in alignment with your operational processes. Our dedicated team of professionals analyzes your entire supply chain in order to gather information and make informed decisions and recommendations. Quality and continuous improvement are our everyday goals and we aim to implement processes and procedures that lead to the reduction of total logistics costs for our clients.

With a warehouse facility configured and dedicated to your requirements, and a comprehensive range of contract logistics services to add value to the process, Legend can provide you with a single-source solution that makes certain your goods reach the marketplace efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, our technology systems give you the visibility needed for real-time transactions and inventory allocation that will cut cycle times and improve inventory turns. We can add revenue to your bottom line by cutting warehousing and administrative costs, allowing you to focus on your core business initiatives.

Take advantage of entering new markets or expanding your current locations by using Legend's extensive global footprint of quality multi-client facilities in prime locations. We manage your warehousing needs or facilities saving you money, reducing overhead cost, and converting fixed to variable cost, by facilitating flexible warehousing capacity that adapts to your business needs. You can make use of our proven capabilities in distribution, improving customer service.

Our facilities are well-positioned in prime infrastructure locations, close to major highways, airports and ports. The contract logistics facilities listed below are keen to service and meet your warehousing needs. Contact our qualified CL&D personnel who are happy to work with you and your requirements to create an optimal, cost-effective solution for your company .