Supply Chain Solution

Legend specializes in providing flexible logistics solutions that start from the planning stage, and go all the way to the delivery of your goods. Legend's employees have worked diligently with our customers to increase order visibility, reduce surplus inventory, control inflated delivery-cycle times, monitor and assign accountability and reduce overall supply chain costs.

We listen to your unique business needs and can jump into whichever part of the supply chain you need us to. Our comprehensive, flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge information technology to provide high level visibility throughout the supply chain.



When planning with Legend, you will have the resources to help your team optimize the planning of your supply chain with access to a knowledge base of logistics industry experts that can assist with customs compliance, export restriction controls, risk management and the coordination of orders across your business.

Source & Make

Legend lends expertise when sorting out sourcing variables, creating online bookings and preparing the necessary paperwork to expedite the start of the shipment cycle. We have the ability to consolidate cargo and manage your orders every step of the way.

Book & Move


Legend will guide you through your shipment movement and will provide you with access to detailed information and visibility, including customs and cargo release. Clearing customs and transitioning between different modes of transit requires trust in your third party logistics provider.




Legend provides flexible delivery options and has the facilities to handle order fulfillment and spare parts management at destination in anticipation of demand fluctuations. We will provide document imaging and visibility, ensure simplified release and allow you to analyze the data in your supply chain cycle.

Chain Flow

Our Program engages with clients to outline, prioritize and manage portfolios of ongoing improvement initiatives. The governance approach ensures that the planned value is captured and tracked over time.

As part of a global logistics company, Legend has unlimited access to the wealth of industry expertise and market knowledge residing with its employees within the Legend Worldwide organization. As a result, Supply Chain solutions are always balanced by a deep understanding of the reality of our clients' operations.